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To point on pointing   or   the gesture of showing

We all share the experience of gazing documentary photographs trying to understand their content and story.

My project is based on the idea to show the chosen archive pictures with ostentation and transfer them into another setting and withe space. Taking new pictures, I change the perspestive and position of the former photographer, or stage and combine the images with the hands and body of a person. Through this ligth shift or new arrangement, the archive photographs loose their documentary character. They become part of a new situation and allow new ways of reading.

The final interpretation is left to the spectator with glasses of an explorer.

Cecile Hummel

Some impressions of the project “To point on pointing or the gesture of showing” in the Photo Festival Reinterpreting Historical Photographs, from 26 to 31 January 2015 in the Municipality Hall, Down Beach, Limbe, Cameroon.

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