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Research Decolonize Architecture Now (Film/performance/photography).This project will dive into the memory of Buea, by means of its photographic archive. Beyond the simple representation of the image, the performer through his somatic movement will historicize and punctuate moments outside its frame. The performance will bring into dialogue the photographic archive with the colonial film archives from Buea, “decolonizing our imaginaries” through the body movement. This site-specific research performance will unframed the German colonial architectural location while unveiling and re-appropriating its memories.

Artists : Obolo Pascale / Caecilia Tripp Guest performer: André Takou Saa

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Performing the archive / a living archive body suit architecture & sound. The performer will enact a body suit, sharing the unseen photo archive among the people of Buea. The body suit will become a futuristic architecture of decolonization and independence struggle, « a living archive » transgressing its history through the performer’s body movement, while engaging in a participatory interaction with the spectators. The performativity Act will recall the spectre of colonization and cut through it, along with calling our imaginaries into collective action for a shared future.

Artists: Obolo Pascale / Caecilia Tripp Guest performer: André Takou Saa