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Africa. "The use of objects and images has always allowed me to tell a truth that is useful and understandable to everyone, and to build a series of clear and sincere testimony of the reality in which we live, through experiences lived and recounted.

For this series of African portraits I decided not to analyse the story of this continent from such a distant vantage point and not to create images full of social, political and religious meanings. Looking at the photographs from the Press Photo Archive Buea, I wanted instead to imagine it through the memories of the travel stories of my father, who told me of a tormented Africa but full of life, colours and energy."

L'utilisation d’objets et d’images m'ont toujours permis de narrer une vérité compréhensible pour tous.Pour cette série de portraits d'Afrique, j'ai décidé de ne pas analyser l'histoire d'un point de vue distant et de ne pas réaliser des images pleines de signifiant social, politique ou religieux.  En partant des archives photographiques "AFRICAPHOTOGRAPHY" j'ai souhaité, au contraire, me l'imaginer à travers la mémoire de ce que me racontait mon père. Une Afrique tourmentée mais pleine de vie, de couleurs et d'énergies.

National Archives Buea

The work "Africa" which was shown at the Photo Festival "Reinterpreting Historical Photographs" in Limbe (Cameroon) in January 2015 will be included in the permanent collection of the Buea National Archives.

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